Setting yourself up for success.

Many men go into as dating situation hopelessly badly prepared. They select the person they’d like to meet and then bumble along without any idea of where they want to go or how they want to get there. The person they are hoping to meet is uncomfortable when they approach them, and suddenly needs to be somewhere else.

And the guy is surprised when he gets turned down. He’s not only doing things wrong, he has no idea how wrong he is doing them. These guys appear clumsy, foolish and frankly they are unlikely to attract the type of women they want to be with.

They have no method, they’ve never practiced, and they are badly prepared.

That need never happen to you again. The irony is, this exact situation is played out daily, with women who would love to meet someone. That’s right – they actually do want to meet a guy, and yet guys blow it many more times than they succeed.

Things can be different next time. Instead we’re going to teach you to prepare. We’re going to show you exactly how to identify someone that is likely to be receptive to your advances. We’re going to help you classify the target of your interest, and select the approach that’s most likely to work. And we’re also going to help you turn an apparent failure into a likely success.

You are going to go into this battlefield better prepared, better equipped, better trained and with more options than the other guy. No wonder you’ll succeed where he fails!


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